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Hello friends and family! It seems so long since I wrote a newsletter! My team and I went home for spring break. It was great to see some of my friends and spend a lot of time with my family. If I didn’t get to see you, I’m sorry! I will be home again for a week in August!

A lot of you have been concerned about the rising waters in the Mississippi River. I have one thing to say about that: Don’t Worry! To avoid flooding New Orleans and Baton Rouge, the Morganza Spillway has been opened. The old ladies call it the “m’Ganza”. The downside to the m’Ganza being opened is that it is flooding the rural parts of the state. Keep these parts of the state in your prayers this month!

This month we had to say goodbye to part of our Mission Year Family. Our friend and teammate JoJo went home to continue schooling. We are working hard to stay unified as a team and keep on engaging the community. We will miss her!

Second to the Mardi Gras, one the most popular events in the city is JAZZ FEST! We were lucky enough to be given tickets to Jazz Fest. We took three of our favorite neighbors: Keith, as well as Trenita and her daughter Quanita. It was so fun! We saw Kid Rock and a cool group called Zamboula 2000. The food at Jazz Fest is SO good! I had some delicious beignets and jambalaya. I need to try some gator.

After having been apart from the community for two weeks, we decided a great way to get back in the swing of things would be to have a huge cookout. We invited everyone we knew! It was a such a fun day! Lots of people that attended played instruments so we ended up jamming and playing lots of Bob Marley and worships songs. It was so much fun! We are trying to figure out how to afford having more cookouts! They are expensive but SO fun!

As the school year comes to a close, so are a lot of other things. Younglife Club will be on hiatus for the summer. Instead we will be having a smaller Bible study. My team and I are really excited to have a smaller, more intimate group of kids to be working with.

After School Program at TCC is also ending. Everything has been packed up and put away for the summer. What will I now do during the day? TCC runs an AWESOME daycamp for the local kids. I will be running the morning devotionals for the kids. I will also be working in the kitchen, helping serve the kids breakfast and lunch, everyday. My teammate and friend Katye will be running the Arts and Crafts class. Her ideas are ambitious and I’m certain the kids will LOVE them. Adam is going to be running a Reading Class. He is trying to teach the kids that reading can be FUN. I remember when I was a kid and I loved to read. I’m excited to see how is program goes. Marquitos will be helping with outdoor games. There will also be a gardening and nutrition class for the kids so they can learn more about it. I’m so excited! The theme for the summer is PANDAmania. There will be pandas and bamboo everywhere. I’m VERY excited about summer camp!

I wanted to remind you that your spiritual financial support is a really important component for my Mission Year. I’m really thankful to be here in Hollygrove and it’s only because of the support that I’ve received that I’m able to be here. I really believe in what my team and I have been doing in this community. The great John Perkins sums up our year perfectly with this awesome modern-day proverb:

Go to the people.

Live among them.

Learn from them.

Love them.

Start with what they know.

Build on what they have.

But of the best leaders,

when their task is done,

the people will remark,

“we have done it ourselves!”

I think he really immortalized my year when he said that. I wonder if he knew! This little proverb has inspired me quite a bit so far this year. I think this says exactly what Mission Year is about. I think it’s important for my supporters to really understand why I’m here and why they should believe in me and continue to support me. I’m spending this year learning about simplicity, community and, most importantly, serving and loving this community. I must continue to ask that you keep on supporting me in whatever why you can! I am about halfway towards my yearlong goal of $12,000. Have you considered pledging monthly?

As promised, I am going to share what has inspired me this month. My team and I have been reading The Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning. This is an amazing book about God’s grace. You should read it! I was also inspired this month by the Christian musician Jon Foreman. I especially love the songs “Your Love Is Strong”, which is a modern take on the Lord’s Prayer, and “Instead of a Show”, an awesome song about bringing your authentic self to the Lord in a lifestyle of worship. Jon Foreman’s albums have been a regular in our Mission Year Kitchen. I encourage you to check him out.

I would like to ask you to consider how you can support me in my Mission Year. Can you pray? Can you pledge? Can you perhaps donate a plane ticket to get home? The needs are great! I want to encourage you again to visit my blog [ music] to see what I’m up to. Check out to see photos. I’m so glad to be back! Thank you for making it happen!

This month, something AWESOME is happening. Mission Year is having ANOTHER donation drive! if you donate 50 dollars or more using this link [] then you will receive a free t-shirt. whats better is that if 12 people donate to the Kick It In drive, then I will get a t-shirt! i think thats awesome! haha! consider donating Right Now.

Red Beans and Ricely Yours

Jennifer Music

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