Wednesday, September 29

first things first.

where does one start with a blog? who does one write to in a blog?
why does one even write a blog? i guess one starts with the things that are needed to know most... i'm jennifer. i'm twenty years old and my friends call me jew. i have very good grammar but i almost never capitalize things when typing. i am often told that i look like an anime character. seeing as i have spent countless hours watching anime, i find this complementary. it is, however, understandable. i have perpetually messy hair and am always making ridiculous faces. i have fairly poor people skills in real life.

somethings that bother me are: my job. i work in retail and despise it. don't get me wrong; i'm never opposed to a hard days work. i just hate the corporate Shite that i'm required to put up with for an unimpressive paycheck. they make me pay taxes and wear skinny jeans. i hate cars. i love to ride my bike and if it were at all possible, i would only ever do that. just like the indian Braves i am the last of my kind: i am one of two left with a car in a social circle full of foot-powered friends. one of the things i hate most in life is social stigmas, specifically self-proclaimed stereotypes. i find that they are usually incorrect. i see people talk about how they are complete hippies while using their iphones at the same time. it frustrates me quite thoroughly and i will be glad when i'm old and thats the only thing anyone else is too. after quite a bit of convincing, i've finally made peace with the fact that my social circle is full of real hippies and other varieties of quite peculiar people.thats the only time i've ever been okay with a title or stereotype... probably because there are few things that i love more in my life than my friends. they can frustrate me to no end, but they are Very Choice.

other things i love? french fries. i regularly say that they are the way to my heart. good crispy hot french fries = insta-love and affection. i love seeing Gingers. their pasty white skin and fun red hair is great, and i love them more when they get sunburns. i adore Facial Hair. not any kind of facial hair. this is a common misconception. old man beards? no. never. ick. does it compete in a beard competition? i do not want it. is it longer than an inch? i will probably not be a fan. but a nice beard on a guy is good to see. exceptions to this? Robert Redford. he looks good in any beard. i also like ska punk, zach galifiniakis' "five year old with a beard" character, venn diagrams and Jesus.

jesus. is. the. bomb. without jesus, i would probably be dead without jesus, or worse: white trash! don't get me wrong. i'm not one of those ridiculous christians that shouts at you from street corners or says you're going to hell for being gay. in all honesty, i don't really care about those silly "christian" things. heck. i don't even care if people shower. i feel like jesus was all about loving people, not condemning them and so thats how i try to live my life.

i have two favorite places in the world and i encourage anyone to go there too: Sound View and Bertolino's. Sound View is the magic land of wonder where i spent this last summer. i promise time spent at SV is time well spent. heck. time wasted at Sound View is time well spent. Life makes sense at Sound View. truly, step foot onto the property and be instantly taken aboard the Love Train. place number two? bertolinos! tacoma's favorite coffee bar. it is truly a home away from home [or sometimes a home when you have no home...] its like cheers. everybody knows your name. the baristas know what you want when you walk in and everyone is friends at berts. another place i highly recommend. its one of those places where people have been going there since it opened. its a good place to rely on, but its also always changing. it is great. twice a week we have Bible Study and bible study is the best part of my week. it has changed my life, forealzzz. it is the chillest place in the world.

I recently read a book called The Long Loneliness by dorothy day; its her autobiograhy. she was an AMAZING woman, by the way. she cofounded the Catholic Worker Movement with peter maurin. read the book. its craziness and she pretty much did what i want to do with my life. take people who don't love jesus. live with them. work with them. laugh with them. cry with them. love them. and when its time for me to leave them, they will hopefully love jesus as much as i do. hmm. rabbit trail. the book has me thinking about autobiographies. the idea that at some point, when my life is over but i'm not dead yet, i would to sit down and write what happened. that is an entirely discouraging thought, in my opinion. but i like to think of a blog as an autobiography in progress. hopefully it puts a better light on recording my actions than a true autobiography. and if nothing else, i will have a clear log of my adventures for when i am old and not dead yet and need to write a true biography of my life. so that is what i will think of this as... a collection of my adventures and a daily recognition of my many downfalls.

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