Wednesday, December 1

rather encouraging in a doubtful time

i worked at a christian camp this summer and it was, for lack of better words, EPIC! there are few places i would rather be. one thing that i think will stick with me [probably forever] are the camp songs. its funny to me how things that are tailored towards children can be so powerful to adults [if i really am an adult, which i’m NOT!]examples? “ain’t no rock gonna cry in my place. as long as i’m alive i’ll glorify his holy name”this song fills me with an righteous, yet juvenile, anger. i find myself thinking “NO ROCKS! thats MY job! its crazy how this fills me with the desire to praaaaise. “the world was sweet but soon it turned sour”enough said on this one! pretty much, this is everyone’s life experience. haha! “lord, i want the real Me in union with the real You. the chains of my hypocrisy keep me from coming to You.”i believe this is a Don McIntyre song, which usually are just the cry of my heart! but there is no better place to make this happen than at Sound View Camp [and hopefully MY NOLA] donations and pledges aren’t coming in like i thought [wished] they would. ha! but i am Sure!! uriah told me that God will honor my sacrifices and i’m sure he will do so even more for the people that support me. when i forget that God’s got my back, it gets fairly stressful; i check my Support Report ever other day i realize that is too often… [this is ridiculous because its only updated once a week] BUT, i think one more camp song will do the trick!! one with lots of shouting! “well i guess it would be nice if i could do a miracle, if i could help some people The Way That Jesus Christ Did! but i gotta think twice. maybe there ain’t no miracles, i sure don’t see to many, Besides I’m Just A Kid. i must be careful about ‘religion’ cuz some ‘religion’ is not cool. i want to know God and take Him serious. but if its not real i’ll just end up Looking Like a Fool! so i gotta have FAITH! maybe people just play religious games, sing songs and act all goodie cuz they’re Afraid To Die. maybe there is a real God close to us, His friendship gets confused in us cuz we get angry and scared and we run and hide but Jesus Christ sure looks inviting. i know the bible does great things. at special times i’ve felt God’s presence. its like i feel his power and my Soul Wakes Up and Sings!so i gotta have FAITH!!i’ve tried to be a real good person. sometimes i fail; sometimes i succeed. but as i grow inside God’s glory, He’ll make my life amazing and He’ll Give Me What I Need!“

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