Thursday, March 3

celebration wedding.

This poem inspires me so much! I get really excited whenever someone references me being the "bride of christ". My sister is getting married in a little over a month and it fires me up inside that Jesus feels the same way that Mark does for my sister. Except holier! Jesus is waiting for me to walk down the aisle to Him, but until the actual wedding I'm just preparing for the celebration wedding, preparing to spend my life with him and eventually become "one flesh".
I hope you enjoy this poem as much as I do. It hasn't ceased to amaze me, almost two years later. Check out his CD!

This is for the ones whose hope is falling and you no longer hear your Savior’s calling.
This is for the ones whose backs are turning and that passion-filled heart you once had has stopped burning.
This is for the ones abandoned; now all alone with no solace and you think you’re stranded.
This is for you empty, by life branded, that had a vision that took leap but it never landed.
This is for the ones who are plagued by those mysteries of life and you feel torn inside by this mind of spirit and strife.
This is for the ones whose desire to do good is always outweighed and you don’t do as you should.
This is for the ones who mistakes are too many to count and the guilt on your chest just continues to mount.
This is for the ones who have been done wrong by sins at the corrupted hands of perverted men.
Hold on.
Because soon will come the Celebration Wedding and bundles of restoration will be our bedding.
The trumpeter is taking a breath; the guests are taking their seats.
The Bride is putting on a veil and the Father is making last-minute preparations.
There are Thousands Times Ten Thousand angels waiting in holy expectation.
The readied groom is readied—soon will come the Celebration Wedding!!
If you are hurting, your hurt will cease.
If you are restless, you will find peace.
If you are empty, You will be filled.
All of these doubts, they’ll be stilled.
If life for you is just to trying, your tears will be dissipate and there won’t be anymore crying.
If the only thing you know is shame, you will be cleansed and never again feel the same.

If you can’t see straight. Focus.
and Wait….


-bradley hathaway

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