Tuesday, March 1

March Newsletter

Hello friends and family! So much has been happening here in New Orleans!

Everyday, I get more and more excited about the next ten months! First

things first, I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has supported me

both financially and spiritually so far during my Mission Year. I have already

raised 31% of my goal and I couldn’t have done it without any of you. If

you haven’t already pledged to my Mission Year, please consider doing so!

Just twenty dollars a month [or more] goes a long way!

I am getting so comfortable here! I am growing closer to my teammates

everyday. I also am enjoying my co-workers so much! There are six

Americorps members and one intern at Trinity Christian Community that

are there to serve just like me and my team! There names are Brynn,

Charlie, Clint, Kyra, Luther, Mike and Rene. They are great! We have been

having fun movie nights and becoming good friends. Keep my new friends

and my team in your prayers this month, please! Also, the weather here is

SUPERB! It has been a beautiful 75° all week! Beautiful!

The Grove is awesome! It is my favorite church I have ever been to.
Pastor Duane has the coolest things to say. We are beginning a series on
Peter and Peter is my FAVORITE. I call him Peter Pumpkinhead.

Trinity Christian Community has their first mission team of the summer
and let me tell you, it is busy busy busy all day long! I spent one day this
week with the mission team and the Americorps team. It was great, but I
am so sore! I guess that means I need to do some more manual labor!
There will be a steady stream of mission teams during most the spring
and summer. It is great to see people with the desire to serve and to
interact with them. I’ve also been helping with the Yoga Club for the
younger kids. Its. So. Cool. 7 year-
olds + yoga=cute!

Working at Bethune Elementary is wonderful. I work in a Kindergarten

class most of the time and the kids couldn’t be cuter! It is both a blessing and

a hardship to be helping in the classroom. It’s a little bit of heartbreak when

the kids don’t understand but such a joy when it makes sense to them! It is

safe to say that I am enjoying my work at the elementary school. Please

remember to keep them in your prayers…

In just a week, my technology fast will be over! Feel free to send me emails

or text messages, but I would still love to receive letters from you guys!

Don’t forget to read my blog [missionyear.org/blog/jennifermusic] and keep

up on what I’m doing here in NOLA. I also have been putting lots of

pictures on my site [flickr.com/imalwaysprettyhappy] for you guys to see.

I’m so thankful to be here. Thank you for all the support!

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