Tuesday, January 10

The Novelty of New Things

Today, our first foster kid is coming to stay at our house! She's 17 and I'm secretly hoping that we will be best friends. I have super high hopes for the foster kids that come through my house. It is actually quite the struggle not to think of her as a camper. I can't wow her with my silliness and assume that her high opinion of me carries through to next summer.

Truthfully, I am doubting that we will be best friends. Probably my family is going to scare her. My mom keeps bees and goats. My parents like to talk [to excess] about the End Times. We eat super healthy food. We live in the middle of no where. I have dreadlocks and ugly yellow pants. There is a high probability that we are going to freak her out.

I wonder if she will know how much my parents and I have been praying for and about her. I wonder where she is at with the Lord. I wonder what kinds of doors are going to be opened because of this!

Oh goodness! The doorbell just rang! I think she is here!!!

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  1. You are so sweet and I am sure that she will/does love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!