Thursday, January 12

Go Outside and Resume Your Life!

I've come to the realization lately that...... I Hate Facebook.

Okay, the truth is that I really love Facebook. But I simultaneously hate it. I always thought those two things were mutually exclusive, but now I am recognizing that they most certainly are not. Honestly, I think a lot of people can agree with the sentiment.

It has it's upsides, certainly! I've lived in a handful of different places and done a lot of different things. Just like everyone else! You know, high school, college, other college, roommates, party friends, actual friends, church friends, family I like, extended family
that I don't care for, old coworkers and kids that I have worked with. I have friends I made while I was living in Seattle, friends from Tacoma and friends from New Orleans. Its a lot of people. And what is so great about Facebook is that I can keep in contact with them. All I

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have to do is check my Facebook. Unlike voicemail or email, my wall will never be full. It can never get lost or stolen, like a cell phone. It was the perfect way to keep in contact while I was poor in New Orleans!

Unfortunately, Facebook's upsides are beginning to be outweighed by its shortcomings. Namely, its uncanny ability to incite extreme drama. Or as I like to call it: Extrama!

Just like blogging, online forums and World of Warcraft, Facebook fosters the perfect environment for extrama. Silly things get taken seriously. Serious things get tossed around like jokes. And then everybody involved gets their real feelings hurt over virtual arguments.

This week alone, I saw several people cursing like fools on Facebook while arguing over Gay Marriage. Three different couples broke up and got back together, all the while posted hyper-dramatic statuses about each other. I witnessed a friend of mine get attacked because she is a Ron Paul supporter. And not to get into too many details, I was severely, yet indirectly, scolded by my hyper-religious aunt because she didn't approve of a video I sent my sister. [While she was probably correct, that particular video was vulgar, but I got a little defiant and wrote a heavily-worded joke email that I sent to my sister. The joke's on her. That video was hilarious]

I think you guys can see why I hate Facebook and why I hate extrama.

I read the other week on ifyouwatchitbackwards that "If you watch facebook backwards, its a website that automatically updates with texts and photos of peoples lives. Horrified by the vanity of this, people spend many hours deleting it all. When it is all gone, they go outside and resume their lives." Hmmm. Preach it, brother!

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