Wednesday, April 25

It's Called Clean Eating

This is my lunch!
I am normally opposed to taking pictures of food. It just reminds me of washed-out photos on Instagram. However, this meal was really delicious. I had such a good day after I ate this meal.  I'm completely convinced that "clean eating" is one of the best things you can do for your body. Its not completely "clean"- note the cheese and craisins. Regardless It was such a satisfying day! It was some of the best cantaloupe I've had in my life. I'm all about melons these days.

I read an article in the New York Times about the Edible School Yard and Agrarian society and I just loved it. Here is the link if you want it =] It's a little different writing style. That might be part of why I like it so much. Go ahead and give it a read.

The photo to the right is a picture of my lunch. The photo below is a photo from the NY Times article that reminds me of my lunch!

This is not my photo!
Its a rainy Wednesday afternoon and I'm struggling to find the motivation to do all my homework: I have a test on Friday, a test on Monday, a paper due tomorrow and a paper due on Wednesday. Oh, and eight chapters in two separate books to read today. I suppose I shouldn't spend my whole afternoon on the internet, checking facepage and blogging my little heart out.

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