Tuesday, April 24

It's Been Too Long

These books live on my desk.
The last few weeks have been  crazy! I've been working a ton, I started school, we got two new foster kids. It has been on the stressful side of life, but I'm quite pleased.

I'm getting all A's in my classes, but the rest of my life has been suffering! I hardly ever have time to see friends and I'm not quite sure what color my bedroom carpet it.... Most of the books in this photo aren't actually even text books- they're books I read just for fun. Sadly they've been left to the way side in favor of MGMT 13th Edition and my math textbook. Soon! They will be picked up again within weeks [months...] and I will finally finish them!

Life during the school year is just so tiring! One of my goals for 2012 was to start swimming and rock climbing. I've accomplished neither. Mind you, I've secured gainful employment and I'm making a 4.0, but I haven't done the things I wanted to do. I suppose that's why we call them goals and not "things I can easily achieve".

On the bright side, spring has showed up! The Daffodil Parade has come and gone, sowing season has happened and all the little sprouts are up and growing. I took a picture of the first flowers I saw this year. I was stopped at a stop light. It was so lovely to see flowers after seeing clouds for six months!
Ooooh! Flowers!! My favorite!

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