Saturday, April 28

What a Cat Lady!

Not too long ago, my puppy died. She was old and it was time. I cried. Not too soon after, I got a cat! I haven't had a cat since I was three or four so I wasn't quite sure what it would be like. She's grey!

She's six or seven. I suppose you could say that I got her "used". A friend of my dad's needed a happy home for a cat. I kindly volunteered my services. They had named her Margaret. What an average name for a cat! I quickly revoked her Margaret Privileges and gave her a new name: Festive Catherine.

Yes, I've name my new feline companion Festive Catherine or Party Cat for short. For double-short, I just call her Cat.You know who else calls their cat Cat? Holly Golightly! Oh man! I love anything that equate my life to that the The Audrey Hepburn!

She's a mischievous one!  The other day, she woke me up trying to get into a bag of chips that I abandoned earlier. She likes to snuggle in a big box of knitted caps that I have on a shelf. She's definitely strange and a scared one. Oh man, she is frightened by everything- including my feet. She bats at my feet when they're hidden under my blankets. I think the only issue with Cat is that now I can't have any fish. I remember my sister's cat at my fish right out of their bowl!

I have a test in one of my harder classes tomorrow, so we will see how I do. And I'm looking for a better job. Oh, how I don't want to be looking for a job! Hopefully I will find some sweet employment soon!
Party Cat and Myself


  1. I love your cat :). I wish I could have one [or two or three] but I'm so unbelievably allergic that I can't function when I'm around them. So, I have dogs instead, although they are no where near as cuddly as a cat would be. Here via Adventures of Newlyweds/Friday Letters! Love your little blog, it's so cute!