Tuesday, May 8

My Sweet Abuelita

Several years ago, my dear grandmother moved to Arizona and left great big holes in all of our hearts. Luckily, she comes back to visit us every so often and we always make a point to see her when she does.
My grandmother and my dad

If you can't tell from the photo, my grandmother is Mexican, as is my dad. Also, if you didn't notice, it was g-ma's birthday. We got her an e-cig. She loved it! I got a few photos of her trying it out. Because electronic cigarettes are a bit heavier than a regular one, she said that she felt like she had a cigarette holder, like Holly Golightly.
Grandma acting like Audrey Hepburn

In other news, I am proudly getting all A's. Still. More than halfway into the quarter, and I am actually getting good grades. I don't think this has ever happened before! I've always been such an underachiever and a procrastinator. I suppose taking time off from school maybe was a good choice. It has, however, been exceedingly sunny lately and such a struggle to focus on my studies. I've worn nothing but sun dresses all week. As soon as I walk into a classroom, I immediately announce that it is "sundress Monday" or "sunshine Wednesday". It is probably a frustrating habit. I really do have special days every week. Perhaps I will share them another time.

Me and Grams

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