Thursday, May 10

Friday Letters

I had a baby shower to go to not too long ago I'm not the biggest baby shower fan in the first place and this one was at a ritzy country club. Boy, I've never had to try to sneak my dreadlocks into a country club before! It took so long to find something that wasn't a chunky knitted beanie that would make my hair look a little less like a mop. I finally hid my hair under this beautiful silky scarf. I got as a gift in high school and I still love it. I've always thought I looked very Audrey with it. Not only did it hide my mop-head, it also hid my gauges, which was a great bonus! After I hid my nose ring, I almost looked like I was supposed to be there!

One of my favorite blogs that I follow is Ashley at Adventures of Newlyweds. One of my favorite things about her blog is that every Friday she writes "letters" to various people that affected her life that week. Some of them are funny, some of them are serious. Now its turned into something that lots of people do! I think it is just the cutest idea though. So here goes!

Dear Cat, Please stop demanding food at five AM every morning. I love you, but not that much. I've never fed you before nine, why do you bother asking??
Dear School, Accept me into my major so I can quit stressing about it!
Dear Sunshine, Why do you keep leaving me and letting the clouds take over? Maybe this weekend I can get you to stay for a while? I will bake you cookies and smile a lot if you agree to visit more often!

Love and Affection, Jennifer



  1. so glad you read my blog, ah-- how sweet! okay so you in that silk scarf? so pretty! You are a doll! Random fact about me-- when I was in HS I was an indie scenester punk and I was THISCLOSE to getting gages and a chest piece. I was crazy! haha loved your letters! thanks for linking up!


  2. ugh school is seriously the most stressful thing EVER!i feel you!

    found you via the newlywed link up!

  3. ok ps OBSESSED with your read me section.... c.s. lewis.... dietrich bonhoeffer??! i swear we need to be bffs