Friday, May 11

I Believe lts Called Yogging....

I've heard so much this week about running. Maybe all my friends got fit this year or something but I've truly heard about people going running at least 15 times today. Perhaps it is a new trend: it is this year's Hot Yoga. Today, I saw a handsome boy I know jogging down the street, while I was sipping a barleywine and sitting in the sun. Kind of opposite activities...

All this talk about running is making me want to start running more often. Not crazy marathons or anything, but I've truly been feeling a little convicted lately that I'm not very healthy. I mean I eat pretty well. I always eat a lot of vegetables, I'm lactose-free and I don't really care for a lot of meat, but I don't get nearly enough exercise to be considered healthy. The lack of motivation to push my body is one of my greatest downfalls. I get a lot of walking done during my day, but I still think some more cardio in my life would be good for my heart: physically and metaphorically.

The only downside to starting this new, high impact hobby is that I have some pretty lame knee injuries from when I ran track in high school, so I can't run, bike or do much of anything without knee pain. It will take a LONG time to build up the muscle strength and other things needed to be able to be a real jogger. I will have to take it easy at first, but hopefully I can build up some good endurance. I'm quite out of shape and my endurance is at an all time low- another downfall! It is easy to ignore: I haven't gained any weight since high school. I still wear clothes I bought sophomore year! But I think some light jogging would be good for my life. The endorphins would be a pleasant addition, for sure!

I'm considering keeping track of my progress here on my blog. I may just keep a notebook or something. It will be ridiculously short distances at first, but I am excited to watch myself grow stronger and healthier!

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