Thursday, May 31

Dead Week

For a lot of folks this week last week or next week is dead week: the week before finals where nothing happens. No club meetings, no sporting events. Just stress. That's this week for me. There isn't that much going on, but it is super stressful.

A few months ago I applied to a really great dental assisting program at a local school. They have one of the best technical programs in the state. After leaving there, you don't have a certificate, you have your Associates degree in Dental Assisting Technology AND a certificate [and a few other certificates!] I applied a few months ago and have been waiting a few months to find out if I got in. They denied me! I instantly gave up. Luckily my mom has a friend at the school who works in enrollment. She gave her a call and found out what I could do. It turns out that when they evaluated my transcripts, they missed several classes. So they let me in. [Thank you Lord]

My sister's kids being CRAZY!

One would think that this is a blessing. It is. But NOT a load off my chest. In my glee, I took the time to look in depth at my course load for the next year. It will be insanely full. Some quarters, I take seven classes and have to work in a clinic. I got instantly stressed out! I'm struggling now with my THREE classes and part time job! OI! Thinking about this really freaked me out! I've had to tell myself "STOP! BREATHE!" so many times this week. I'm a smart lady. I can do this.

On top of the stress of finals coming up, feeling overwhelmed by what I just committed to and being as poor as a church mouse, my sister's nanny has unexpectedly taken the week off. I've been watching her kids all week, which means waking up around 5 AM rather than my usual 9 and being busy 100% of the time. My homework has suffered.

They found a snake!

A few little things have added to the stress this week too. Our foster kids have been having really bad attitudes lately. They've also stolen a ton of our stuff this week. It's frustrating when people make themselves welcome to things you'd rather then not invite themselves to. It also started raining again and I haven't seen any friends yet this week either.

On the upside, today is Champagne Thursday. It is ALWAYS the best day!

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