Friday, May 25

Tell Tommy its Friday

Recently, the lead singer of my favorite band [Against Me!] came out as transgender and is going to begin living as a woman. It has been on my mind because I've had such a crush on him for a few years. Well, cheers to him, I suppose, my first letter this Friday is to you!

Dear Tom Gabel, I always wanted to be a female version of you. I guess you do too. This is probably the most punk thing you could ever do. Party on, Wayne.

Dear Friends, Please stop tagging me in Facebook photos that I'm not in. I know that this is petty. But I HATE it! Why can't you just tag me in a comment?

Dear School, THANK YOU for letting me into that program! I'm so excited I could nearly cry!

Dear Max, I miss you dearly! Wish you were around this week!

Dear James, Happy Birthday, little nephew! I remember when you were born just seven years ago. You were not a cute baby- you looked a lot like an alien. You are very cute now! Hope its a magical day for you!

Dear Sunshine, Wanna go steady?


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  1. Party on Garth. Lol. Thanks for stopping by, I grabbed your button as well!