Thursday, May 31

Friday Letters

I've gotten on Bloglovin today. It's still a struggle for me to use the computer. well, I may or may not forget my password anyways. Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Dear School, Why you no give me scholarship? Did you not get the memo that I can't afford to pay for college? I'd really it if I could have a sweet grant! I have good grades and everything!
Dear Foster Kids That Live With Me, please stop talking loudly on the phone til the wee hours of the night. Also, please stop taking my booze and money. Really? Anything that's not nailed down?

Dear Benson and Stabler, Thank you for keeping me company this month. You've been lifesavers!

Dear Work, Please consolidate the number of superiors I have. It'd be a blessing!

Dear Body, I need you to be less sick and tired. I understand that you're sick and tired, but I need you to be healthy and energetic! 

Dear Steampunk Guy from Business Class, Where have you been? I haven't seen you in over a week. That guy in sweatpants has been sitting next to me since you've been gone. I hope you didn't drop that class! You're one of my favorite parts of that class because you say the funniest things!

Dear Summer, I'm ready for you to be here. I'm done with the rain. I was spoiled with sunshine when I went to New Orleans. I'm not prepared for this rain!

Dear New Girl, Please be different than other shows and don't stop for summer. I need your funny one-liners in my life! I'm not ready for you to be gone so soon! What if you're just like Pushing Daisies? There could be a Writers Guild strike again that destroys all the best shows! What if!


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