Thursday, June 7

Friday's Letters

My dear friend Lizzie coerced me to get Instagram. And I love it. Feel free to follow me @jenniferjew. Also, I got on Twitter this week! @jenniferjewface
I think Twitter and Pinterest are both really weird. I've only been on either of them for a few days, and already a bunch of strangers follow me. I suppose I will just have to refrain from posting anything too personal. That can't be that hard!
A sad picture of my favorite city!

And now for Friday's Letters!

Dear Finals, Please be sweet to me this quarter. I know it has been a while since I took classes, but if you could go easy on me this time around, that'd be awesome!

Dear Other Drivers, Why do you aggressively pull onto the road in front of me only to go ten under the speed limit? And WHY must you do this on days that I am late to class??

Dear World, If it involves a cell phone camera or Instagram, please do not call it a "photo shoot". Also, if your mother is involved, it probably isn't a photo shoot. Be honest: it's Vanity.

Dear Body, I'm happy that you've adjusted to the daily workouts. But if you could be "in shape" faster, that would be awesome. I've agreed to a rock climbing party and I just don't want to look like a fool!

Dear Laundry, Be done please. I really would like it if you could be done, once and for all.

Dear Summer,  I'm ready! If you didn't know, you're the season when I get to hike and run and jump! I get to swim and fall and sleep in the sunshine. Mkay Pumpkin?



  1. Love the letters miss!
    Just wanted to say hi!

    Have a happy weekend!


  2. welcome to instagram...just like pinterest, it's "addicting."