Monday, May 14

Meet Me At The Hub

I'm a few year younger than most of my current friends and for a very long time, I was one of my only people in our circle who was still underage. This led to us having to find some clever places to go that would still serve tasty brews and still let me in. Now that we are all legal-drinkers, this is not such problem, but it was an issue for quite a while. One of our favorite places to go was The Hub, not only because it has sweet beers, but because they have cheap pizzas and it is bike themed and, well, we like bikes. I got to go there today with some old friends, including one that lives out of state. I had to save up all my dollars so I could afford to eat, but it was totally worth it to see friends!

Barley Wine. My new love!

One of my many downfalls is that I cannot stop myself from schmoozing waiters. It can get kind of silly because they're schmoozing for tips and I'm schmoozing to sate my compulsiveness. I just can't NOT flirt with male waiters. Don't worry. I like to keep in innocent, never trashy! Everyone wins!

Lizzie, Professor Cat and Myself

I recently downloaded a new app for my phone and, let me tell you: it is the coolest app ever! I'm not a huge app fan, I've only got Solitaire, iBooks and Stitcher. But a friend told me about this app and I downloaded it right there: Cat Lovers. It adds cats to your photos. It is so much fun.

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