Wednesday, May 16

My Body Hurts

My dear roommate in New Orleans, named Katye, used to always say "that makes my body hurt". Mostly she would make this comment after extremely awkward situations. With her thick southern accent, it would sound SO sassy. Occasionally she would say it after a tough workout. That's why I'm saying it today. My body hurts. I think I might have over-done the work out today. I didn't run at all. Its high impact and it is hard. I did a bit on the elliptical. It was good! Then I did some yoga. It was great! Then I went on a long walk with my dog. Then I went on a bike ride. And then I started frowning. Oh, my little legs are tired.

I didn't have classes yesterday, so I spent the whole day only doing things I like. I went to the coffee shop and read a book. I ate pancakes. I sipped coffee and stared out the window. I saw lots of old friends, made new friends and went to open mic. So many talented people played!
I love seeing people play open mic. I know it is easy for some people to perform, but I also know that it is SO hard for a lot of people. I love seeing my friends play, especially when I know that they are so nervous. Seeing people stretch themselves is always a favorite of mine to watch. I also love hearing people play covers. I once played an acoustic version of Beyonce's Single Ladies.
 My friend Lizzie got a kitten, which decided to take up residence inside a leather purse! Another friend had his dog with him. His dog was very anxious to eat my tacos! I haven't had such a fun, nice, sunny day in quite a while. What a blessing!

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