Friday, June 8

So Pinteresting?

I don't get Pinterest. I just don't get it. I've encountered a LOT of people lately who are "addicted" to it. I simply don't understand. Perhaps I'm doing it wrong? As someone who tends to go a little overboard, I was initially reluctant to start using Pinterest. I've found it a little under-stimulating, but I don't hate it. One of the great things that I learned last year was to love real life a lot and enjoy social media in moderation. I no longer spend hours on the Facepage. I can hardly spend twenty minutes on it these days, unless, of course, I have a paper due!

What exactly changed my mind about Pinterest? Weddings obviously! One of my best and oldest friends got engaged this spring and I've been struggling with what to get for her wedding and shower presents. We're too close to get her some sort of kitchen gadget off her registry! I now have one board just for floral sundresses and one for wedding presents. I attempted a Google search for wedding gift ideas but it was to no avail. My search yielded the following ideas: 1) Knit/crochet a blanket/throw/afghan 2) Quilt a blanket. 3) Frame their wedding invitation. Those were all the ideas. Thanks internet, you were a big help. Not. This where Pinterest showed it functionality and I decided to take the leap into this hyper-girly world...

I saw [and pinned] these cute tea towels because I thought it was an apron. Then I had the best idea: hand made aprons. Sexy ones! Nobody else is going to hand make her sexy aprons! I found this cute apron that I'm going to base the new ones on. I like that it looks really feminine, but it is also really functional, won't show stains and has pockets!
In Bloom
I thought that this cute piece of art would be great for their actual wedding. I recently had to choose from a wedding registry that was comprised mainly of things that said either "his and hers" or "I do". Wedding themed stuff is great... when you're newly weds. But I don't really want to spend thirty dollars on a tacky picture frame that you won't really want in 10 years. I immediately loved this when I saw it, because it is going to be cute in any room and it doesn't shout "LOOK WE'RE NEWLYWEDS" the way some other things do. I do not know, however, why the photo is so low quality. It reads "We met, we married, we live", and the hearts are cut from those places on a map. Cute, right?
Love Map
My last idea for their wedding gift is a little bit more awesome! My parents took up the hobby of wine making a few years ago. They're getting pretty darn good at it! I want to make [brew?] them a batch of wine and give them a bottle for their wedding. I also want to give them a bottle on their first anniversary. And their second. And third. Wine just gets better with age, so I want to prepare twenty one bottles of wine, one for their wedding through 21st anniversary. Plus, it will cost me about the same amount of money to make one bottle of wine as it will to twenty, since we make it in five gallon carboys.

LasVegas Wedding Favors

I don't see any reason why I can't do all those ideas. Well, if I have the time and money is the only real factor, but I think I can handle them! My mom already agreed to help me with the aprons, and if I can get my dad to help with the wine, the I'll be set! I'll just have twenty bottles of wine that I can't touch....

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  1. Those are some super cute gift ideas. Anything that is personal, intimate [in the idea that it's a thoughtful gift from you], and unique will definitely catch their eye and make it a special keepsake for their awesome day!